Bringing Back the Magic – Stories of Renewed Homes

The construction world is all about giving homes a new lease on life. Our latest pride and joy? Our new, sparkly “Our Work” page blows the lid off some really awesome projects we’ve been doing. OK then, hold tight as we strap in to show you how it’s done from turning destroyed places into warm homes.

Our Work Page: Where Stories Come to Life

Go to the ‘Our Work‘ page on this site, there are great stories just waiting for you and we are showing some of our works on there. Whether it is for fixing Water Damage, fighting Fire Damage, sneaky Mold or dealing with Biohazards-we cover have you covered. Of course, you can’t forget Asbestos Abatement and the grimy side of reconstruction. There are adventures and triumphs in each category.

Water Damage

Have you ever wondered what happens when a house gets too wet? So, our trip gets under way with understanding the situation, pulling that extra water out of things and drying them. Go to our page and see how we’ve turned waterlogged space into a cosy nest on the wall.

Fire Damage

Fires can be real spoilsports. They leave homes looking like they’ve seen happier days. This is our game plan. We put on our work clothes, and wipe away the soot from his smoke-blackened pipes as we rough him up with a good cleaning and set to get down to nitty gritty repairing work. For some inspiration, dive into our fire damage stories.

Mold Remediation

Mold-it’s like the unwelcome guest who won’t go home. Our solution? An involved process of watching, collecting and kicking out the mold. However, the human interest stories on our web page bear witness to how we have changed chaos of mold into clean homes.

Biohazard Cleanup

When biohazards are involved, the situation requires a superhero cape. Safety first Our cleanup process reflects the real world. Even in stickiest situations sometimes there is a happy ending story to tell.

Asbestos Abatement

Ever heard of asbestos? It’s not an easy matter, but we understand it. Read on to learn how we expose, imprison and flush asbestos down the toilet. Homes now safe from this silent troublemaker are the subject of our stories.


When the dust settles, it is time to reconstruct and revitalize. In our reconstruction stories we tell you how we blow life back into space. Everything, from the right designs to suitably swanky materials-everything’s for making homes not only recover but shine even more brightly.

It’s our way of saying, “Hey guys have a second shot!” The ‘Our Work” page is a testament to the unbridled joy that comes with giving homes back their lives.

Ready to plunge into the magic? Click here to take a look at our Our Work page. Questions or just itching to bring some life back into your environment? Give us a shout here. Turn the tale of your home into a story of victory!