Mold Remediation Services

Remediation, reconstruction, remodel. Serving Westchester County and the surrounding areas. 

An emergency can happen at any time. Sensible Choice professionals are available 24/7 for immediate assistance.


If you suspect your home or business has a mold problem, it is best to address this issue immediately – as it has the potential for health problems and extensive damage to your home or belongings.


Having potential to grow on any porous material or surface containing moisture, mold can act as a severe health risk if not dealt with in a timely manner. If mold is suspected, a licensed environmentalist should conduct air quality testing immediately.


Containment is the most important step in mold remediation. Using various containment systems, we avoid the spread of mold and cross contamination by sealing off the work area. The space is sealed off until air quality is deemed safe


In combination with containment, we use HEPA filtered, negative air pressure to maintain safe indoor air quality during the remediation. Dehumidification is also present in the work area to maintain atmospheric contritions.

Following the protocol as indicated in the mold assessors report, Sensible Choice technicians execute the most advanced techniques for safe and effective mold remediation. In some cases, contaminated materials may require safe removal and disposal. The use of  anti-microbial substances along with abrasive cleaning kills mold on all surfaces. Our teams implement a successful array of remediation strategies.


Once contaminated materials are removed from the work area, a thorough cleaning of all surfaces using a HEPA vacuum, cleaning using an EPA-registered disinfectant followed by a second pass of HEPA vacuuming is conducted to ensure all mold spores have been removed from the work area. This method has become known as the “HEPA Sandwich” and is now recognized as an industry standard in mold remediations.

Sensible Choice's Promise To You

Conducting a post air quality test by a third party will ensure the successful removal of the contaminates. We guarantee our work, and we will continue to mitigate until air quality is deemed safe for your family or staff.