Water Damage Mitigation Services

An emergency can happen at any time. Sensible Choice professionals are available 24/7 for immediate assistance.

We answer the phone ready to assist 24-7! Call us today (914) 963-5644.

Sensible Choice will immediately assess your water damage and provide a quote. Speed is of the essence, since secondary damage may be occuring. We’ll work directly with your insurance carrier to ensure we meet your standards as well as theirs.

When you speak with our office, we’ll ask several questions regarding your water damage. This will help us determine what equipment is needed and how many Sensible Choice professionals are needed.

We understand the stress and confusion that you may be feeling. You need a knowledgeable specialist to lead you through this crisis. At Sensible Choice, we have the understanding and training to support you during this difficult time.

Sensible Choice will begin with a detailed inspection of the property and contents.

Once a scope of work is determined, we will report the evaluation to your insurance carrier to include a detailed report along with photos of the damages.

Determining the category of water will help establish a scope of work based on possible contaminates. Considering the source, the category of water is classified as:

Using moisture meters and thermal imaging, we inspect and test to determine how far the water has traveled.

Measuring atmospheric temperatures and RH % (relative humidity) using a hygrometer through out the drying process will ensure that dehumidification and structural drying is progressing.

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After the inspection, Sensible Choice technicians begin stabilizing the loss by extracting, removing wet building materials, and setting up dehumidifying equipment.

If your property requires extensive restoration, Sensible Choice offers white glove moving services to include where we content cleaning, protection and climate controlled storage throughout the restoration.

Our trained technicians will determine the need for asbestos or mold testing prior to beginning mitigation to ensure your safety.

Our trained technicians will extract flooring and evaluate each building material to determine if drying standards can be met, or if removals are needed. We remove as much water as possible to reduce drying time and help prevent secondary damages or bacterial growth. Extraction and/ or removal is a crucial step in proper water mitigation.

Once water and material removal is complete, commercial dehumidifying equipment is deployed based on IICRC Standards to dry building materials to their specific reading (drying standard).

Measuring volume of air, temperature and RH %, we will determine the amount of dehumidifiers and air movers required to dry your home or business.

Industrial-grade dehumidifiers help prevent secondary damage like buckling or cupping floors by removing the water from the atmospheric system. High speed air movers create air flow throughout the space bringing warm, dry air to the moisture.

Our professional staff is trained to use psychometric science throughout the drying process. We monitor and document the drying process daily to verify drying is progressing and atmospheric conditions are stabilizing.

After water damage, finding a fully insured, reputable contractor can be just as chaotic as the water damage! Sensible Choice Contracting is your one-stop-shop for any and all phases of building and restoration.

Following any type of loss, Sensible Choice is committed to restore your property back to or better than pre-loss condition.

We simply the restoration process by handling both the water mitigation and rebuild. Having one company you know and trust for the entire process can save you time and keep costs within industry standard. Working directly with your carrier as we did for the water mitigation, Sensible Choice works within the budget meeting your expectations as well as theirs. See photos of some of our repairs after water mitigation here!

Sensible Choice's Promise To You

We pledge to offer assistance right away, whenever you need us.

We’ve seen it all, and we’re here to help you every step of the way.