Why Use A Hoarding Cleanup Service in Westchester County?

Deciding to deal with a super-cluttered hoarding situation can be a challenging feat. If you’re wondering whether to call about hoarding cleanup services, there are some things to consider about the advantages. 

Sometimes it is necessary to go through the belongings and sort them, allowing the person to decide what to remove and what to keep.

Attempting this process solo can be to difficult to evaluate possessions and come to an appropriate decisions on what to keep and not keep, this is when a professional hoarding cleanup service can help!

Sorting, removing cleaning and disinfecting can be tough, especially when health or safety is involved. 

Plus, there’s the delicate nature of the process. 

Reasons to Hire a Hoarding Cleanup Expert: 

  •  Cleanup Training:  A hoarding cleanup service is trained and experienced at handling  the situation. The professional staff is compassionate and efficient when working with the hoarder, family, and when going through the cleaning & organizing process.
  • Organizing & Sorting Services:  Hoarding cleanup companies like Sensible Choice specialize in sorting, organizing, discarding and cleaning up the clutter. 
  • Quick & Efficient: A professional hoarding cleanup company is fast and does the work efficiently. Often times there are surprises like animal waste or food that needs to be removed and disinfected. Or other surprises and obstacles pop up. Professional cleanup services are prepared for any eventuality. 
  • Hoarding Cleanup Experience: Hoarding is a psychological condition that needs to be dealt with compassionately and patiently. Trained technicians have the necessary experience to handle each situation professionally and also to explain the process to all involved. 
  • Safety & Health: Cleanup experts also know how to remediate hoarding spaces safely, with the health of staff and the residents in mind. Hazards can be present and hidden, such as waste, sharp objects,  mold or other contaminants. 
  • Support: A professional hoarding cleanup service is there to help and support the individuals involved in the process and is experienced and compassionate hoarding cleanup situations.


It’s a good idea to move quickly once a hoarder is ready to move forward, or once a hoarder moves out of a rental property. 

Sensible Choice is a licensed, professional hoarding cleanup company that is not judgemental, takes your confidentiality seriously, and is efficient in helping restore your space back to its previous liveable condition.